Contact For Authors and/or Publishers

 (6/30/2020) NOTE: I am currently not accepting review request at this time. If you would like to send me a request that I could possibly fulfill at a later date then that would be fine, but I can’t promise I will answer it right away or at all. Thank you for understanding.



Book Review Information 

If you are an author or publisher interested in:

  • Having your book or client’s book possibly reviewed on my site
  • An author interview/q&a post
  • Book blog stop/author guest post
  • Book promotion

I also would love to promote bookish boxes or items (custom bookmarks, book inspired jewelry, etc.)  If you own a business that produces those kinds of products.

Please fill out the contact box with your name, email, & why you are writing.

If you wish to have your book promoted and/or reviewed please let me know the title, genre, a short description of the book, & if it is an arc or already published book.

I will then contact you if I like the book or want more information

Just because I get your email does not guarantee a review, though I will try not to be picky and am open to almost anything (as long as it is not in my “do not review” list)

I would love a physical copy of a book, but will accept pdf or mobi files if chosen.

Books I will/more likely to consider  for review

  • Ya contemporary
  • Ya romance (any sexual orientation)
  • Ya or any historical fiction
  • Na contemporary
  • Ya fantasy/sci fi (i am a little picky with my science fiction and fantasy choices, but I will keep an open mind when considering a book for review)
  • General fiction books
  • Memoirs,autobiographies, or interesting nonfiction books
  • Mystery novels
  • Diverse books (especially ya)
  • Almost any ya, na, or general fiction (except for what I write in don’t review)

​what I do not review

  • Bdsm/erotica
  • Extremely graphic horror
  • Text books
  • Nonfiction science or math books


If you have book I did not put in the “what I do not review list” please send a message anyway because I may have just forgot to write the genre. Please do not send message about a book for review if genre is in “do not review” list. If you do your message will deleted.

Just another reminder that not every book sent will be picked, but all books sent will be seriously considered as long as they are not on the do not review list.

 My review policy is a basic 1-5 star rating system.

I will usually say if I like your book or do not and try to find positives and possibly negatives in each book I review. If you send a book for review and I accept, please know that I will be giving my honest opinion of that book. I also will rate on a 1-5 star rating and include .5 Or 1/2 stars if applicable.

Author Marketing & Publicity Services 

Besides book reviews, I also offer freelance marketing and publicity services to authors and publishers.

This includes helping to run and create content for social media pages, assist in running giveaways, finding book bloggers/booktubers/bookstagrammers to review or promote your book, creating media or contact lists, finding bookstores, libraries, schools, or events to possibly sell your book or to present at, designing promotional and marketing materials for your books or company such as bookmarks, and more.

I do this remotely and only charge $10 – $15 dollars an hour (my pay and amount of hours per month are open for debate depending on the author or publishers needs/situation).

Some of my freelance work is displayed & explained on my portfolio page.

If interested, please use the contact page below to tell me what you are looking for.